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Don't judge a person based on their sense of style... Because fashion is a representation of a persons creativity, and we are all individuals with different taste.
-A quote by me, Kathy.
Enjoy my tumblr which consists of many different things. xx


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These past few weeks have been so overwhelmingly amazing. During this time I realized how lucky I am to have the people in my life, and I’m forever grateful for their love and friendship. I sort of experienced what you may call a “revelation”. Certain ways I’ve expressed myself (pertaining to certain situations) weren’t the greatest, and I’m not fond of them. They were childish, and although we all have the right to be selfish at times, I’ve decided there are more appropriate ways of responding to situations. However because of certain situations I’ve learned that I shouldn’t focus so much on negativity, because it’s just not worth it. There’s so much to be happy about, so why do I (and others) feel the need to focus so much on the negative? I’ve realized so much since the summer started. I don’t know why this revelation came so suddenly but it just did. That’s life. And we’re all destined to be certain people and although our paths are predestined (as many religions teach us) we do go through struggles but everything will be okay in the end! Just learn to be happy and trust that life will lead you in the right way… In times of advise-seeking a wise friend told me “We all need reassurance. And sometimes it comes at weird times that seem to be unrelated to what we’re experiencing but you realize it when you most need it. Life is weird, but we need to be like that so we can grow and break apart and put ourselves together.

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